Annovi RHW Series pressure pump heavy resistant

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Annovi RHW Series Model RHW 15.15 N, high pressure pumps for heavy Annovi RHW Series is ideal for use in industrial applications. To ensure continuity in the implementation Annovi RHW Series is bringing quality products manufactured and imported from Italy. A maximum pressure of 150 bar, water up to 15 liters per minute.

Annovi RHW Series Specifications

Detail Value
Family Hot Water 85°C
Series 228
Pump Type RHW 15.15 N
Versioning N
ARCode 22344
Output (lt/min) 15
Output (gpm) 3.96
Pressure (bar) 150
Pressure (psi) 2200
Power (hp) 5.5
Power (kw) 4
RPM 1450
Weight (kg) 9

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